7 Tips to Avoid Mistakes with Your Business Signs

7 Tips to Avoid Mistakes with Your Business Signs

1. With Business Signs, it’s all Location, Location, Location

The visibility of your Business Signs depends on the building layout and zoning restrictions. Not all types of signs are useful, and no one wants their customers to have trouble finding their location.  We recommend having a professional help, you plan your signage and suggest the most effective options for your site.

2. Poor Color Choices

Consistent colors are important in maintaining your branding. If you consider investing in a sign for your business, take some time to choose the best colors for it. This article can give you some tips on color selection, or you can speak with your sign company, and they will help you choose the most effective colors for your business.

3. Unreadable Fonts

With so many typefaces available today, finding the right typeface for your sign can be tricky. Not all fonts will work well on business signs; select something simple and easy to read. Script typefaces are beautiful and fancy but are often unreadable on signs, especially when driving in a car. Use the 3-second rule. Can your sign be understood in less than 3 seconds? However, fast recognition doesn’t mean the only choice is plain block letters; many fonts are both stylish and very legible.

4. Spelling Mistakes

Misspelled business signs get a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons, so be careful and double-check before you sign off on your design proof. A good sign company should catch any spelling errors.

5. Too much or too little

Your message should be short but clear: the business name with a couple of words describing it is ideal. Remember, you are not Apple or McDonald’s; not everyone will know what your business does in one word, likewise avoid doing the opposite and trying to fit your complete product listing and offers in the same sign. Remember the 3-second rule.

6. Poor Material Choice

It’s rough out there, which is why it is important to consider environmental conditions when choosing what material your sign. For example, A metal sign might not be the best thing if you are close to the beach because the salt in the air may make it rust faster. Be sure not to clip corners on the quality of materials; vinyl lettering doesn’t last forever, use a quality vinyl to give you the durability and extend the lifespan of the sign. A good sign maker will be able to recommend the best materials for your sign.

7. Neglected Business Signs

A shabby sign doesn’t speak well for a company; it gives a wrong first impression. Your sign is the face of your business and needs periodic maintenance to keep it from deteriorating and needing to be replaced. Cleaning and replacing aged materials will keep them bright and well presented.

Tier One Signs has over 17 years of experience producing quality signage and can help you choose the best design, materials, and location for your sign.