Vehicle Window Graphics: Low-cost – High ROI Branding

Vehicle Window Graphics

Vehicle Window Graphics – Simple and Effective

One of the best ways for business owners to increase their brand’s awareness is by using Vehicle Window Graphics.  Consider the last time you drove by a vehicle or public bus that had window graphics. Chances are you took notice of the graphics and gave them a read. That’s one of the reasons why businesses and public transportation systems continue to take advantage of window graphics – because they work! Read more

Tips for Creating a Winning Food Truck Wrap

Food Truck Wrap

A food truck wrap is one of the most important pieces of marketing your business. It defines the food trucks identity; making the brand recognizable at a glance. Wrapping the truck in colorful graphics is a creative way to express that the food you serve is not only delicious but unique.
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A Bright New LED Cabinet Sign For Hip Hip HooWray Events & Designs

Hip Hip HooWray New LED cabinet sign

Relax and let your creativity flow at Hip Hip HooWray

Hip Hip HooWray incorporates vibrant colors and a fun, whimsical design in their new LED cabinet sign.

LED lighting offers businesses an array of advantages over other lighting solutions can match, saving time, and money, among other benefits. Read more

A Pinch of Soul – Cooking With Love – Food Truck Wrap

A Pinch of Soul is about loving where you’re from

Chef Alicia Pincham

Chef Alicia Pincham

Loving your friends, enjoying your family, and always cooking with love. To Chef Alicia Pincham owner of A Pinch of Soul, cooking with love means thinking about what she eats and what she feeds her loved ones.

Cooking with love means taking the time to pick quality fresh ingredients from her own garden, and cooking food for others that are exciting and delicious food that is good for the soul. Read more

Partial Wraps Give Maximum Bang for Advertising Budget

Partial Wraps

Partial wraps stretch your marketing budget

All vehicle wraps offer a significant ROI with a low overhead and a high impression count.  Having your vehicles work as mobile billboards mean that your brand makes a lot of impressions, especially when used in a fleet. Partial wraps are more flexible and less expensive than a full wrap stretching your marketing budget; this is a significant saving when wrapping multiple vehicles. Read more


Express Yourself With A Custom Stripe Kit

Custom stripe kit designed for a die hard Buffalo Sabres Fan!

Your car should be as unique are you are, express yourself with a custom stripe kit. It easy to stand out in a crowd with our wide variety of stripes to choose from: side stripes, rocker stripes, Lemans stripes or hood stripes, in addition to stripes you might consider adding some custom graphics that will guarantee that your car won’t be a wallflower! Read more

LED Lighting Retrofit it pays to upgrade!

LED Lighting Retrofit

LED lighting retrofit offers an array of advantages

It has never been more hip to go retro. No, we’re not talking about playing vinyl records and wearing your grandparents’ clothes. Its’ time for a LED lighting retrofit for  your business signage.

A LED lighting retrofit offers your business an array of advantages no other signage solution can match, saving you time, money, and hassle, among other benefits.

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Amy’s Animal Art Taxidermy Truck Window Graphics

Truck Window Graphics

Amy Ritchie-Carter

Branding with Truck Window Graphics

Amy Ritchie-Carter is the owner-operator of Amy’s Animal Art. Taxidermy has been a passion for Amy since she was 13 years old. Recently,  winning several awards such as the Breakthrough Best of Show award in South Carolina (2014), Big Rock Taxidermy Championships “Grand Champion” (2015) and placement in the Master’s Division at the 2015 World Championships winning second place in the small life-size division. Read more

Vehicle Wraps are a Good Investment for Small Business Marketing

Small Business Marketing

Making a great first impression is one of the most effective methods of advertising. Branding your sales, service and delivery vehicles with well-designed vehicle wraps is a memorable way to spread your business’s message and powerful Small Business Marketing tool.

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Did you know marketing vehicle wraps are tax deductible?

tax deductible vehicle wraps

Unlike some equipment purchases, with few exceptions marketing, and advertising investments are 100% tax deductible. You can write off every dollar that you invest in marketing with a full or partial vehicle wrap. So from that perspective, investing in tax deductible vehicle wraps as a write-off certainly makes good sense, right? Read more