Pickup Truck Wraps

Truck Wraps are a popular way to brand and promote your business wherever you go. From a startup company to an established fleet, we have wrap styles to fit your budget. Read more

A food truck wrap is one of the most critical pieces of marketing your business. It defines the food truck’s identity, making the brand recognizable at a glance. Wrapping the truck in colorful graphics is a creative way to express that the food you serve is not only delicious but unique.
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The Punisher Pulling Team

Our Mooresville location designed this wrap for Larry Jarrell’s “The Punisher Pulling Team” Super Stock 4×4 2006 Chevy 3500 fiberglass body competitive pulling truck.   Read more

Truck Wrap Advertising is Surprisingly Effective

Advertising for a small business is one of the biggest challenges the owner has to overcome. Because of this, it is poorly planned and doesn’t reach the right customers. Often companies depend on less effective advertising like direct-mailers, coupon books, phonebook listings,  print ads, and cold-calling. These kinds of advertising require substantial investment and offer inadequate returns. Truck Wrap Advertising provides a simple solution. Read more