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Chennai Curries Food Truck Wrap

Chennai Curries Food Truck Wrap reflects its menu.

Chennai Curries serves authentic Indian foods using only the freshest, natural ingredients. With a menu featuring delicious and healthy Indian flavors, Tier One Graphics designers tap into the menu’s complex textures and colors with his design of The Chennai Curries Food Truck Wrap.

Chennai Curries, LLC, is a collaboration of 3 mothers passionate about traditional Indian cooking. Their focus is on serving healthy, authentic Indian food using natural ingredients.

  • Chef Megalai Ezhilarasan
    Megalai’s knowledge of culinary arts began at the age of 7. She learned the medicinal value of traditional Indian ingredients by helping her grandma cook. Her goal is to introduce creativity to every dish she cooks.
  • Sangeetha Rangachari
    Blessed with a flair for spices, Sangeetha developed this skill during her childhood in India. She uses this ability to craft authentic recipes from her homeland. Her mission is to use her recipes to satiate the discerning palates of her audience.
  • Rathy Kannan
    An avid cook who desires to nourish and please her cooking, she feels good food is all about where it comes from and its preparation!

The core values of the company

  • Quality
    The company ensures excellent food quality by selecting only the freshest vegetables; grain-fed chickens, cage-free eggs, and home-crafted Indian spices.
  • Excellence
    The high-quality service reflects their commitment to providing 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Passion
    With skills gained over years of cooking at home, Chennai Curries is committed to instilling taste, health, and flavor in every grain of rice they serve.

Whether you’re driving, stuck in traffic, or just parked on the street, a food truck wrap is an ideal way to promote your business.