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Color Change Wraps & Accents

Color Change Wraps & Accents

Change your car with Color Change Wraps & Accents! These films are perfect for full car wraps or accentuating your vehicle by using them on hoods, trunks, roofs; door handles, dashboards, rims, and much more. Your imagination is your only limit regarding these custom vinyl wraps.

Breathe new life into your vehicle with a stunning color change wrap.

With over a hundred great colors to choose from and a custom look, a fresh new wrap will reinvent your car.

Pearl Porsche: Color Change Wrap

Happy with your current paint

But want a little extra spice to make your car stand out? Highlight individual body lines and make them stand out from the rest of your vehicle. To name a few popular options, we have done racing stripes, accented mirrors, black roof wraps, carbon fiber hood wraps, and spoiler wraps. Our Hood Wraps start at $300, and our Roof Wraps Start at $350.

Want a complete color change wrap for your car?

A full color change wrap will completely change the color of your car, you can add a matt finish or even patterns like camo to give your car a one-of-a-kind look.

You will find one that’s just right for you with all the great colors to choose from. A complete color change wrap starts at $2499.99.  Premium materials upgrades start at $2999.99

2018 Mustang - Custom Racing StripesA custom stripe kit

It can make any car look and feel like a real show car
There are a wide variety of stripes: side stripes, rocker stripes, Lemans stripes, or hood stripes. Starting at $599.00.

Choose from the vast array of colors.

If you can’t decide, give us a sample, and we’ll match it for you. Glossy, matte, pearl, reflective, or chrome colors, Premium wraps from Tier One Graphics will make your creative design a reality.

Wrapping your hood or roof

Gray's Motorsports Porsche - Color Change Wrap
One of the fastest ways to make a dramatic improvement in your ride. Transform your vehicle by adding another color, matte black, carbon fiber, or metallic-colored wraps. Our Hood Wraps start at $300, and our Roof Wraps Start at $350.

Why spend twice as much on paint?

Matte, Satin, and Gloss color change vehicle wraps provide all the sparkling colors of a quality paint job without the time and expense. These Color Change Wraps & Accents are available from 3M, Avery, and Arlon in various colors and finishes.

Customize Your Car with Color and Accent Wraps