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Tips for Creating Great Yard Signs

Yard Signs done correctly can be a fantastic marketing tool. Yard sales, open houses, and even house parties are just a few events people advertise with yard signs. For service, people like contractors, renovators, and landscapers, yard signs are a great way to let the neighborhood know who you are and the services you provide. No matter what is going on, yard signs are a great marketing tool to catch the eye of local street and sidewalk traffic.

There are plenty of strategies that people try, but if they don’t follow some of the most basic rules, they won’t be as effective as they could be.

Yard Sign Visibility

One of the biggest mistakes that people make with yard signs is using too-small signs. If someone passing by in a car cannot read the sign, you have lost potential customers or guests. There are several things you should consider that will make your sign visible:

Size Matters – don’t make a yard sign smaller than 12″ x 18″. It is too small to be seen effectively from a moving car. 18″ x 24″ is a sweet spot for visibility and budget.

Color Use – Use contrasting colors. Don’t use similar colors for both the background and font; your message will get lost. Use a very dark color on a very light color, or vice versa. Don’t forget that some people are colorblind, so you’ll want to be conscious of putting blues/greens together or yellow/greens together.

Use bold colors and gradients to help your sign stand out. Invest in four-color signs. Try reversing your colors. For example, say you choose to create a simple, black, and white sign. Consider putting your business’ name on the top, black on white, with your phone number or website on the bottom, white on black. Reversing colors will keep your signs simple and make your contact info easier to pick out. Be careful that the colors you choose don’t camouflage your sign into the background, such as a green or brown sign in a grassy or wooded lot.

Typeface choice – Serif, sans-serif, bold, italics—it doesn’t matter what you choose if it’s legible. That means avoiding using thin or script typefaces. Stick with more straightforward typefaces like Garamond, Helvetica, or Frutiger. Make sure each letter is easy to read from a distance. As a standard rule, one inch of letter height equals ten feet of readability.

KIS – Keep It Simple

Keep the wording simple and to the point. Too much text on a sign is confusing. Use words that sell and are easy to understand. Remember, your yard sign needs to be seen and understood in less than three seconds.  Stick with the Who, What, Where, and When. We’re talking like, five words or less straightforward. If possible, try to get your message across with simply a phone number or an arrow.

Prioritize your information

The service offered is the essential text, followed by contact information than by your logo. Their size should reflect this hierarchy in their scope and prominence on the sign.  This is because you want people to know what kind of work you do. If they need that service too, then the viewer focuses on how to contact the company to get this work done, who are they reaching, and then the logo would be a part of the branding process as another way of remembering who they are contacting.

Make sure at least one-third of your sign is blank space. More blank or white space adds to legibility. It also makes your signs easier to read from a moving car.

Our designers at Tier One Graphics are very knowledgeable about sign design and can assist you in making your yard sign campaign a valuable marketing asset.