A food truck wrap is one of the most important pieces of marketing your business. It defines the food trucks identity; making the brand recognizable at a glance. Wrapping the truck in colorful graphics is a creative way to express that the food you serve is not only delicious but unique.

A good wrap turns commute time into advertising time.

Whether you’re driving your truck to your next stop, stuck in traffic, or just parked on the street, a food truck wrap is an ideal way to advertise your business. The colorful graphics capture the attention of everyone passing down the street, promoting your menu and catering services

A good wrap will last between 3 and five years and removed without damaging the underlying paint. With protruding edges and rivets, it’s important to have quality designers and food truck wrap installers working with you to prevent any creases, bubbles, or misshapen application areas. Using low-quality food truck wrap printers can result in sections that don’t line up correctly, plus fading of peeling of the wrap – stick with only quality food truck wrap installers.

Hire a Professional Graphic Designer

We cannot emphasize the importance of a professional looking design enough! A Professional looking wrap is essential for building confidence with your customers; in addition to having a polished look lets people know you are serious about your craft.

A Professionally designed logo helps to brand your truck, and a good logo can catch attention and bring over customers who might otherwise overlook your truck, and it’s another way to communicate the food you sell and the quality of your cooking.

Use a professional photographer who knows how to arrange the best, light, and photograph your products, so they look they’re most appealing. A good graphic designer can handle arranging all these, so your wrap looks its best.

Local Food truck vendors are recognized by their wraps. If you have a food truck business but don’t have your image or branding worked out yet, we can help. We have a fantastic designer to help you create a concept for your truck.

Use Appealing, Bright Colors

The first thing your customers will see is color. An old advertising trick is to use the color red because red is proven to make people feel hungry. Greens are also popular because they convey health and freshness.

Think big. Nothing stands out from the crowd quite the same way that a food truck wrap can. When possible, opt for a partial or full body wrap in bold colors that tie into your food truck branding. Not only will your food truck be noticed; but your brand will be remembered.

Think about your truck’s visibility. A white food truck may be mistaken for a mail truck or a package delivery service from a distance, so go bold. Make your food truck impossible to mistake for anyone else’s.

Include Important Information

Customers need to get in touch with you, remember to include your phone number and email address. Adding the companies social media accounts, at a minimum, include the company website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account names next to the platform’s logo. Even if they don’t stop at your truck, you want to give consumers a way to track you down the next time they get hungry.

Create a company fleet. Add your food truck logo and contact information to other vehicles (personally owned) to instantly create a professional company fleet.

Be Seen from All Sides

Your food truck is three dimensional, a creative and memorable wrap allows you to be seen from all sides. Incorporating awards & photographs are also helpful.

Don’t forget the roof. When designing the wrap for your truck, don’t forget about the roof, because Roof Wrapping adds a little extra bang for your buck in urban communities, where there are tall buildings. Placing your Twitter name or website address on your roof will give people working in office buildings a way to find out who you are and on what they are missing out.

Be sure to look good when the service window is open. Make sure that your name, logo and other critical information are visible when your service window is open and closed.

Don’t feel overwhelmed if you aren’t sure what you want or how to go about achieving the look and feel of your wrap. We guide our clients through every step of the design process.

Our wraps are all installed by professional certified installers, and we use only top-quality 3M and Avery material for our wraps. What good is designing a beautiful wrap if it is printed on cheap vinyl or installed incorrectly?

At Tier One Graphics we take pride in the creative process of what we do, from the initial concept of a project to the printing of the material, to the installation of the vehicle wrap.

Full Wraps, Partial Wraps, and Decal Sets

Each wrap style has its advantages, chose the best option to fit your budget.

Full Wraps cover all exposed surfaces of your truck, this rejuvenates the trucks look, covers paint blemishes, and makes the truck look new again, it also gives you’re the most options for creating a one of a kind, great design. This option will make your truck stand out and be noticed.

Partial wraps can be a very efficient and budget friendly option. The trucks paint job must be in excellent condition to use a partial wrap effectively. The paint will act as a base with the vinyl graphics layered on top.

Decal Sets are good for branding when you cannot afford a wrap. Decal Sets get your name and info out but miss out on the star quality that a full or good partial wrap gives.


Contact our staff to help your Food Truck wrap project

Call us about your wrap project. We make our clients’ events and launches successful and vibrant. We offer complete services for both a single vehicle and fleets; this includes initial consultation, designing, printing & production, and installation. All our vehicle graphics are printed using warranted print materials and installed by our professional and experienced installation team