Great Vehicle Wrap

If you’ve ever seen a vehicle wrap that was a jumble of too much information with too many graphics to get its message across Then you know the importance of good graphic design for a wrap. Use these tips to help you create a great vehicle wrap that delivers a clear message to viewers:

  • Great Vehicle WrapCapture The Message

    What is your goal for this Great Vehicle Wrap? Do you want more visits to your website or more foot traffic in your store? Think about your core message and narrow it down to just one or two. Whatever your goal, use that information to prioritize the design of the wrap and place the most important elements prominently.

  • Great Vehicle WrapDon’t overlook corporate guidelines

    Many companies have strict brand standards or corporate guidelines regarding the colors, fonts, and imagery used in their materials. Be sure check if there are policies you should follow. These guidelines will often dictate the proper placement of logos and other design elements. It is also important to make sure that any messages and images you use do not infringe on anyone else’s copyrights.

  • Great Vehicle WrapKeep your Great Vehicle Wrap design clean, and remember the five-second rule

    Most people seeing your wrap will only give it a few seconds of attention. Additionally, a vehicle traveling on the highway may have even less time than that. The more information you put on a vehicle wrap, the longer it takes to get its message across, so keep the design clean and – as mentioned in Tip #1 – Focus on one or two messages.

  • Great Vehicle WrapMake overlays work for you

    In many cases logos and other graphic elements can be printed as overlays, allowing you to move the logos or graphics to flat parts of the vehicle quickly. It allows you the flexibility to change select parts of their wrap as needed.

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