Tips to Help You Create Great Car and Truck Wraps

Car and truck wraps are one of the most cost-effective forms of business marketing available. More than 70% of people who commute said they had read vehicle graphics while on the road. And unlike some other types of advertising, car and truck wraps are paid for once but can continue to produce sales for years to come. Here are some ideas to help you create great car and truck wraps:

One of the benefits of car and truck wraps is that they’re not permanent like regular vehicle paint and may be changed at any time to update information or the design on the vehicle. However, it’s still essential to take specific steps to ensure the finished car or truck wrap is precisely the design you want.

Tier One Graphics Turn-Key Service

The great thing about wrapping with Tier One Graphics is taking the guesswork out of creating your design. Our designers work with you at each step, ensuring that you have the best wrap design possible. Here are a few points that we often go over with our customers:


The message is always about the brand for small businesses trying to make an impact in their community.  Starting with a poorly designed brand means you’ve failed before you’ve begun, wasting money and missing a tremendous marketing opportunity.

Before you spend money on your vehicle wrap, think about your branding. If you don’t have a clear brand message, then the design won’t be as effective. Creating the right brand message means that the images, the company name, and the tagline should all work together to project a specific brand image. Consult with your designer to produce a strong brand so that your wrap is sufficient.

Keep the Images Basic

Please keep it simple. The information on your wrap needs to be seen, processed and understood under 6 seconds. Images are a powerful communication tool, but using too many or the wrong ones will garble up your message.

Perhaps you’re a plumber. Make sure people know you’re a plumber. If you’re a food caterer, make certain people know your delivery truck holds delicious food. If you use a graphic of something that’s representative of your trade, make sure that the image is easy to understand and matches the tone and reputation of your business.

Make Sure the Information is Readable within Seconds

You will often only have your viewers’ attention for a handful of seconds. Your message needs to be easy to read and understandable. You also want your branding to be recognizable from a distance. If someone is looking out the window of their apartment at your parked vehicle, they should still be able to read the text.

Less Is More

Having too much text can reduce the effectiveness of the vehicle wrap. A good vehicle wrap design only needs a few essential elements. Suitable designs include the company’s name, a tagline, and contact details such as phone number and a web address. People who are driving or on the street have a limited amount of attention. Lengthy text and bullet points will usually not be read and can be distracting. Don’t squander this branding opportunity by using confusing images or trying to put too much information on your vehicle.

Be Bold

The priority with your vehicle graphic should be to stand out. If people don’t pay attention, they will never remember your company’s name and contact details. Think bold and different so that your vehicle stands out amongst the traffic.

Please don’t go crazy; covering your vehicle in a few flashy colors to make sure people notice it right away might get your business some initial attention. Still, you might not gain many followers or fans with an eye-sore vehicle. Car wrapping offers a wealth of benefits, from mobile advertising to protection of the vehicle exterior, but be sure not to go overboard in the design phase.


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