Perforated window graphics are a great way to advertise your business

Window Perf is a fantastic way to promote your business, events, or to add something special to your vehicle. The biggest advantage of Perforated Window Graphics is that it provides full visibility to the graphics from the outside while allowing light through to the people inside.  Another benefit of window perf is security. Although it is nearly invisible from the inside, it’s nearly impossible to see through from the outside.

A well-placed graphic on a vehicle or car that travels crowded city roads can be seen by up to 100,000 people a day. If you plan your route and design your ads creatively, you will get the maximum result. Place a full-color print directly on the window of your vehicle without affecting visibility.

Building Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is very important when starting your business and you want your company name and logo to become commonplace in potential customers minds. A well-designed car window decals are also ideal for communicating all the useful info you want your customers to know about your business opening hours, basic services as well as your phone number, email, and website. Perforated window graphics can be easily changed if you want to keep your car window varied and fresh. You can give your marketing an extra boost to promote seasonal or special offers around Christmas or Halloween, you can easily change your graphic anytime.

Window Perf is effective on business windows as well as vehicles.

Covering what would otherwise just be a plain window with a colorful graphic that includes your company’s name, logo is an excellent way of getting your brand out there in a big way.

In an office building, your employees probably enjoy natural light coming into the office, but they probably don’t want anyone passing by on the street to be able to look directly into their office. Perforated Window Graphics creates privacy because it’s designed to allow complete visibility from the inside while blocking visibility from the outside.

It isn’t just employees who may enjoy some privacy, either. Depending on the business, customers may also appreciate the view from the outside in being obscured. Here are a few examples of when customers may want a bit of privacy:

  • Working out in a gym
  • Enjoying a cup of coffee or working on their laptops in a cafe
  • Eating in a restaurant
  • Socializing in a bar
  • Reading and working in a library
  • Swimming in an indoor hotel pool
  • Receiving a massage at a spa

Care and Maintenance

Perforated Window Graphics are safe for manual car washes and will stand up to most exterior elements. Automatic car washes and power washers can cause window perf to lift. To extend the life of your window perf, avoid parking in direct sunlight for long periods. Remove dirt and other buildups regularly using water and mild dishwashing detergent.

So Many Benefits

Perforated Window Graphics are an excellent way of enhancing the face of your business. No matter what type or size of window graphic you’re interested in, Tier One Graphics can bring your vision to life. We use the highest-quality materials and bring our expertise to the table to create vivid and durable graphics that meet your needs and expectations.