Business owners looking for new marketing trends to keep ahead of their competitors should not underestimate retail window graphics as a marketing channel.

Store window decals can be used as a marketing tool to entice people to come inside and shop. Window graphics are regularly used at retail shops, restaurants, and convenience stores to attract and inform customers.

Let’s go over a few of your options for using window graphics so you can decide which storefront decals are right for you and that you know the difference between window clings and window decals.

Window Clings

Static cling graphics or window clings are a glass advertising product that can stick to glass without adhesive. Because of this, window clings are great for temporary uses where ease of installation or removal is critical. Using window clings allows you to focus on bigger things like building your brand or promoting a new sale.

Cut Vinyl Decals

Cut vinyl graphics offer several advantages. They are direct and to the point and can be cut into custom shapes. These work great on glass doors and windows to display the address, hours of operation, or the company logo.

Perforated Window Graphics

Perforated window graphics are a popular window graphic solution. When these graphics are applied to retail windows, customers on the inside of the glass can see through them to what’s outside, but not the other way around. In other words, the only thing people on the outside can see is the signage or image itself. Perforated window graphics are ideal for filtering light and increasing security.

Ideas to Make Window Decals Attractive

Metallic and Gold Lettering

Metallic and gold lettering is a trend that adds an elegant element to store window graphics. But you will want to keep your use of the metallic lettering simple. You don’t need to add too many design features as it can draw the focus away from the main message.

Oversized Retail Window Graphics

Oversized large window decals fit quite well on the storefronts and cover up the vast space, an oversized decal is a good option for two or three-story buildings. Like the metallic lettering, these decals also look the best when you use simple letter design on it or a logo without many elements.

Colorful Window Decals

Depending on the personality of the business, you can choose the shades and colors of the wall graphics. For instance, a toy store would use a bright and colorful pallet to attract children. Consider using color theory techniques to design large colorful decals.

Functional Signs

Retail window graphics are a great way to display your company name, products, and services. But don’t overlook their informational uses, such as business hours or address. Listing the amenities you offer like public restroom or handicap accessible service is also a great way to use store window graphics. Stop unwanted traffic politely with “No Soliciting” or “No Public Restroom” decals.

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