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Sign Service

Installation, Maintenance & Repair

We feel a sign is similar to a high-quality car in the sense that it should be well cared for and regularly maintained. Our sign service team will take care of everything for you.

Because every sign location and installation is unique, our crew members manage each sign service and installation with precision and attention to detail.

Our crew members are routinely trained in the newest technologies and equipment and abreast of ever-changing codes and safety requirements.

We use only the best materials in our installation and service work which includes high-quality wire and insulators, non-corrosive fasteners, high strength welding materials and U.L. listed electrical components.

Nothing makes a better first impression than quality exterior signage that defines your business. Get the help you need to make sure your signage always looks its’ best. Keep it clean, letters and faces in good repair and make sure the lights all work.

We fix burned out lights, cracked faces, missing trim, convert neon to L.E.D. lights, even paint poles, restore footings and more.

Survey & Permitting
We understand the importance that a site survey can play in any sign project. Trust us as your one-stop shop for your site survey and permitting needs.


Setting you up to make a great impression

Years of experience and our own crew of licensed sign service professionals afford us the knowledge needed to deliver the results you’re looking for. Our work complies with all of the local and state code requirements, ensuring that the job is done right the first time, every time.

All of your installation needs can be handled by our installation experts. Our technicians arrive on-site with a fully equipped vehicle to get the install job done with quality workmanship. With a diverse fleet of service vehicles, and the latest tools and technology, we are ready to provide you with top-notch installation service for any sign.

Common Sign Types Installed

We look forward to working with you and your team to complete your installation project on time, and on budget. Please contact us today and learn more about how we can help you!

Keeping you looking great

Maintenance & Repair

Clean, functioning signs and lighting can increase customer traffic and instill a sense of security around your business. After all, the first impression many customers may have about your business is your sign.

Our trained and licensed sign service technicians arrive on-site with a fully equipped vehicle to get the job done. They will diagnose any problems quickly and deliver fast, accurate service to get your sign back in working condition.

General Repair
We can repair any type of sign, and our service vehicles are stocked with the components needed to get your sign working properly again.

Sign Cleaning
Like everything else, signs get dirty. Keep your sign faces clean and they’ll give off their best light, and your best impression.

Scheduled Maintenance
Stay on top of potential outages with regular scheduled service. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of proactive maintenance.

Survey & Permitting

personal consultation for all your signage needs

Trust us as your one-stop shop for your site survey and permitting needs.
We understand the importance that a site survey can play in any sign project. Knowing, ahead of time, what is involved in getting your sign installed properly, can be the difference between a successful project and a nightmare. Sign permits are no different.

The acquisition of the necessary permits can be some of the most challenging aspects of a sign project and requires thorough preparation, attention to detail and a working knowledge of the sign codes involved. Our company is licensed and bonded in any municipality we work in.

Our Sign Service managers oversee the complexities of everything from sign surveys, recommendations, permits, sign acquisition and installation. This means you have the time to focus on growing your business. As part of our sign project management services, we offer personal consultation for all your signage needs.

Our committed staff promises customer satisfaction from assisting on variances, permits and local codes to coordinating the installation of multi-location projects. We provide personal consultation for your individual project to ensure your every need is accommodated.