Truck Wraps are a popular way to brand and promote your business wherever you go. From a startup company to an established fleet we have wrap styles to fit your budget. Read more

6 Reasons to Choose Vehicle Wraps vs. Paint

Perhaps you own some type of residential services company—carpet installation, gutter guards, HVAC, decorative concrete—and you own a fleet of box trucks or cargo vans your employees drive from job to job. And you’ve been considering getting fresh paint jobs on your work vehicles, along with some new lettering with your company name and contact information. That seems like a great idea…but we have a better one: Get vinyl vehicle wraps instead. Here are 6 reasons to choose Vehicle Wraps vs. Paint. Read more

Car Wrap Advertising Make Your Business Memorable

The secret of the best advertising campaigns is not only to make a great first impression but to make a lasting first impression. Car wrap advertising is a very memorable way to spread your business’ message; vehicle wraps for sales, service, and delivery vehicles are a powerful branding and marketing tool. Read more

The Becky Baker Foundation

Becky Baker

Becky Baker

Becky Baker received a diagnosed with stage IV metastatic ER+ breast cancer on December 17, 2013. The oncologists at Wake Forest Baptist Cancer Center gave her three months to live. Becky lived 37 months beyond the three months the doctors gave her. Like so many other women, Becky waited to see her doctor until it was too late. Because of this Becky’s Husband, Rick created The Becky Baker Foundation for one primary purpose: To prevent breast cancer. The Foundation does this by earmarking grants to provide free mammograms to uninsured or under insured women. Read more

Jetta: Matte-Color Change Wrap

Matte Color Change Wrap for vehicles is among the hottest new car restyling features on the market today. With today’s technology and creative graphics concepts, the vehicle wrap possibilities are virtually unlimited.

Tier 1 Graphics offers a wide selection of color change vinyl wraps and finishes to help you breathe new life into your vehicle. With over a hundred incredible colors to choose from, restyled your car with a fresh new paint wrap.

We offer hundreds of colors from matte white vinyl wraps to complete carbon fiber car wraps to specialty brushed metal finishes. Why spend twice as much on paint when you can change your car with a vinyl wrap!

These films are perfect for full car wraps or to accent your vehicle by using it on hoods, trunks, roofs, door handles, dashboards, rims, and much more. Your imagination is your only limit when it comes to these custom vinyl wraps.

  • 100% Protection and 5-year Durability
  • Maintain Resale Value
  • One of a Kind Look
  • Finishes Paint Can’t Replicate
  • Gloss, Brushed Metal, Carbon Fiber, Satin, Matte, Metallic, Chrome

Solid Color Vinyl Wrap finishes

Gloss Black, Gloss White, Black Pearl, Apple Green. High gloss vinyl wraps colors have a built-in protective clear coat layer to simulate the appearance of factory applied paint. These colors are sure to provide your vehicle with a brand new appearance that will last. Make your car look factory new once again without diminishing the factory OEM paint job value.

Wide Selection of Matte Finishes

Matte Black, Matte White, Matte Metallic Green, Matte Metallic Orange, etc. Matte and satin vinyl have a finish that doesn’t shine or sparkle. These films are perfect to accentuate your vehicle without having an overly glossy look. Matte and satin wraps are becoming one of the most upcoming finishes due to their simplicity and uniqueness.

Specialty Wraps

Authentic Carbon Fiber, Brushed Metal, Prismatic, and Chrome Finishes.


All Creatures Pet Sitting

A multi-service pet care company in Huntersville NC, All Creatures Pet Sitting focuses on providing quality care and attention to their client’s pets in an in-home environment in addition to offering a pet taxi service.

Fully bonded and insured daily dog walks, park visits, and even personal errand services to assist in making your life easier All Creatures Pet Sitting offers turn-key pet care services. They get their message across in this vibrant car vinyl wrap was designed by our creative director Marshal Zalewski. Read more

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