Make A Bright Statement with a Channel Letter Sign

Channel Letter Sign

Why go with a Channel Letter sign?

They’re very popular with our customers these days, and for good reason. They’re beautiful to look at, are highly visible both day and night, are energy efficient, and allow for some wonderfully creative 3D designs. A channel letter sign works equally well inside and outside a business,  making it easier for customers to see and identify your business, especially at night. Their brightness and three dimensionality capture attention and make a strong statement. Read more

LED Lighting Retrofit it pays to upgrade!

LED Lighting Retrofit

LED lighting retrofit offers an array of advantages

It has never been more hip to go retro. No, we’re not talking about playing vinyl records and wearing your grandparents’ clothes. Its’ time for a LED lighting retrofit for your business signage.

A LED lighting retrofit offers your business an array of advantages no other signage solution can match, saving you time, money, and hassle, among other benefits.

Read more

First Impressions Matter – Sign Repair and Service

Sign Repair

Sign Repair Makes the First Impression a Good One

Keeping up with Sign Repair is crucial to make the first impression that a customer sees a good one. A poorly lit, faded or damaged sign can turn off customers, and reflect poorly on the quality of your services. A brightly lit sign increases your visibility from the road and is welcoming to customers. Well-lit signs help direct customers to your store and drive new business. Read more

Foam Signs: Budget Friendly Advertising Option

Foam Signs

Foam signs offer both durability and versatility

Have a big idea for your sign with a small budget? Foam signs provide both durability and versatility at a fraction of the price of traditional signs. Do you need to advertise a restaurant, a retail shop, or service area? Foam signs might be what you need.  Attractive budget friendly, Foam signs are easy to maintain. Read more

7 Tips to Avoid Mistakes with Your Business Signs

7 Tips to Avoid Mistakes with Your Business Signs

1. With Business Signs it’s all Location, Location, Location

The visibility of your business signs depends on the building layout and zoning restrictions. Not all types of signs are useful, and no one wants their customers to have trouble finding their location.  We recommend having a professional help, you plan your signage and suggest the most effective options for your site. Read more

Effective Sign Colors

Effective Sign Colors

Effective Sign Colors

Color creates a reaction, the language of color is communicated to the brain faster than words or shapes, and they work directly on our feelings and emotions. People react psychologically to colors; you should choose the shades that most closely identify with your business or company theme.  How the consumer responds to the color of your signage is a key factor in determining whether they buy from you or not, so selecting effective sign colors is a critical decision. Read more

Planet Fitness’ Colorful Indoor Sign Branding

Indoor Sign Branding

Planet Fitness: Indoor Sign Branding

Tier 1 Graphics knows that successful Indoor Sign Branding helps to establish what an organization stands for, how it is perceived, and what it represents. Indoor signs instruct and welcome, direct and protect, but they’re also instrumental in presenting that important, positive first impression. Read more


Jetton Village III at Cornelius: Monument Sign

Jetton Village

Jetton Village III at Cornelius

Jetton Village offers diverse fare from Art to Travel to Ethnic Dining and designer apparel, your family and friends can shop within a relaxing environment, just moments from your door.

This distinct shopping experience in Cornelius is an intricate element of a Harris Teeter Anchored Suburban Shopping Center and is conveniently located off I-77 at Exit 28, perfectly situated at the entrance to the premier waterfront community of The Peninsula among the beautiful flowers and tree-lined walkways.

The changeable monument sign was designed by Brandon Heagle.

See our portfolio of monument signs HERE

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