Fleet wraps are among the most cost-effective advertising solutions you can use. Recently  The Outdoor Advertising Association of America did a study on outdoor advertising methods. 96% of participants said that Vehicle Wraps were more effective than other methods. If you want to advertise with the most bang for the buck, you can’t go wrong with fleet vehicle wraps. Read more

Here are some ideas to help you create great car and truck wraps:

Car and truck wraps are one of the most cost-effective forms of business marketing available. More than 70% of people who commute said they had read vehicle graphics while on the road. And unlike some other types of advertising, car and truck wraps are paid for once but can continue to produce sales for years to come.

One of the benefits of car and truck wraps is that they’re not permanent like regular vehicle paint and may be changed at any time to update information or the design on the vehicle. However, it’s still important to take specific steps to ensure the finished car or truck wrap is exactly the design you want. Read more

6 Reasons to Choose Vehicle Wraps vs. Paint

Perhaps you own some type of residential services company—carpet installation, gutter guards, HVAC, decorative concrete—and you own a fleet of box trucks or cargo vans your employees drive from job to job. And you’ve been considering getting fresh paint jobs on your work vehicles, along with some new lettering with your company name and contact information. That seems like a great idea…but we have a better one: Get vinyl vehicle wraps instead. Here are 6 reasons to choose Vehicle Wraps vs. Paint. Read more

Partial wraps stretch your marketing budget

All vehicle wraps offer a significant ROI with a low overhead and a high impression count.  Having your vehicles work as mobile billboards mean that your brand makes a lot of impressions, especially when used in a fleet. Partial wraps are more flexible and less expensive than a full wrap stretching your marketing budget; this is a significant saving when wrapping multiple vehicles. Read more

That's A Wrap

Make The Most of Your Advertising Dollar with a Wrap

If you own a commercial vehicle, you don’t want to miss out on one of the most efficient forms of advertising your business: Commercial Vehicle Wraps. Tier One Graphics can creatively wrap your vehicles with designs that will draw the eye of your potential customers, at a cost that sustains a positive Return on your Investment. Read more

Vehicle Wrap Advertising

Is your business is looking for a compelling alternative to traditional marketing techniques? You should consider the benefits of Wrap Advertising. Tier One Graphics has four great reasons why your business should invest in this style of outdoor advertising: Read more

Jesskakes Sweet Truck Wrap

JessKakes Sweet Truck

Jesskakes, Cakes for all occasions. Serving Charlotte North Carolina and the surrounding communities with ten years experience creating delicious beautifully constructed cakes. Creative director Marshal Zalewski helps them get their message out in this whimsical wrap. Read more

All Creatures Pet Sitting

A multi-service pet care company in Huntersville NC, All Creatures Pet Sitting focuses on providing quality care and attention to their client’s pets in an in-home environment in addition to offering a pet taxi service.

Fully bonded and insured daily dog walks, park visits, and even personal errand services to assist in making your life easier All Creatures Pet Sitting offers turn-key pet care services. They get their message across in this vibrant car vinyl wrap was designed by our creative director Marshal Zalewski. Read more

Noda Brewing Company Fleet Wrap

Founded on a homebrewing culture, NoDa Brewing Company. Proudly offering more varietals than most and always stretching their creative muscles and looking for exciting new flavors. The Noda Brewing Company Fleet Wrap reflects their fun core values with vivid colors and whimsical graphics. Designed by Saturday Brand Communications.  Read more

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