Car Wraps

Reach New Customers
Wherever You Drive

Car wrap advertising is the best way to transform your work vehicle quickly. It is an attractive way to reach new customers wherever you drive.

Tier One Graphics car advertising wraps are custom-designed to fit the make and model of your vehicle. Then it is installed by professionals with many years of experience. This professionalism ensures that you’ll get a long-lasting, cost-effective way of getting the word out.

According to studies, commercial car wraps have up to 70,000 impressions a day. That’s a high return on advertising investment, and you’re not vying for space.

Car wrap advertising isn’t just for delivery or service vehicles!

We have helped companies find new platforms that stand out in a world saturated with a multitude of advertising.

Tier One Graphic’s designers bring your car wrap from conception to completion. We create custom advertising for your car that will promote your business wherever you go.

Whether you install one wrap or are looking to create a fleet of vehicles to reach a new audiences everywhere you go, Tier One can help.

Car Wraps Advertising

Not Just For Delivery Or Service Vehicles!

We have helped companies and organizations find new and unique platforms that stand out in a world saturated with different forms of advertising.

Tier One Graphics team of designers can help bring your car wrap advertising from conception to completion. From bold and eye-catching to subtle and understated, we can create a custom piece of advertising on your car that will help your business promote itself, wherever you go.

Whether you want to install a single-car advertising wrap or are looking to create an entire fleet of vehicles that help you reach out to a new audience everywhere you go, Tier 1 can help.

Don’t paint it…Wrap it!

Color Change Wrap

Matte, Satin and Gloss color change vehicle wraps provide all the sparkling color of a quality paint job without the time and expense. These unique custom wraps are available from 3M, Avery, and Arlon in an array of colors and finishes. Matte or Satin wraps transform a vehicle’s surface from ordinary to exceptional and is guaranteed to turn heads on the road or at a car show or race competition. Once you’ve chosen a color, pair it with an appropriate finish. Carbon fiber finishes give wraps a striped, textured look. We can offer our customers many combinations of colors and finishes, from subdued to high-gloss.