Maximize Your Advertising

Pickup Truck Wraps

Pickup trucks are very versatile vehicles. They are being more commonly used for commercial vehicles for contractors, plumbers, electricians, cable companies, and more.  Utilize this space with Commercial Vehicle Wraps!

These vehicles see the road every day, why not stay in front of potential customers every day? Using our premium vehicle wrap vinyl with our UV protective laminate these wraps are sure to handle the heavy workload your pickup trucks do! This is a great way to protect your paint while getting maximum advertising return at the same time. Not to mention Tier 1 Graphics vehicle wraps are easy to clean!

Contact Tier One Graphics today and let’s get started on your truck’s new look. It’s more cost-effective than you’d think to create a statement everywhere you go.

Make A Bold Impression

Van Wraps

Are you looking to stand out from your competition? Make a bold impact and get more attention to your brand on the road, in parking lots, anywhere!

Van wraps are made to your exact specifications. Want a partial wrap to create a unique color flow that catches the eye and gets people talking? We can do that. If you can think it up, we can make it a reality thanks to our team of designers and installers who understand Commercial Vehicle Wraps technology better than anyone.

Make A Mouth-Watering Showpiece

Food Truck Wraps

Mobile kitchens, food wagons, lunch trucks — however you want to call them, food trucks are steadily growing in popularity across the country. And while you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, lots of people will judge your food by the package-on-wheels it comes from.

Tier 1 Graphics has performed a countless number of Commercial Vehicle Wraps, and we know what works! Our highly trained staff will assist you the whole way through the food truck wrap process. We will be there the entire way from design, print, and installation.

Create A Moving Billboard

Box Truck Wraps

A full box truck wrap is sure to get noticed! With a large surface area, box trucks are a great vehicle to wrap. Box trucks are a great advertising asset to any company. With the large sides – your box truck wrap will provide a nice canvas for your message. These vehicles are relatively large but truly consume very little vinyl compared to their bulky size. This means your box truck can become a moving billboard for you. This is ideal for delivery or regular city traffic. These Commercial Vehicle Wraps will gain attention while driving or sitting in a busy parking lot.

Reach New Customers Wherever You Go

Fleet Wraps

If your business uses a vehicle, it probably serves primarily as a way to make service calls, deliver products and to otherwise visit and take care of your current customers. With Commercial Vehicle Wraps  your vehicle can be transformed into an effective way of reaching new customers everywhere it goes.

Do you have a fleet of box trucks you want to wrap? Our nationwide network of installers can help every branch of your business find new customers. Contact us today for a free quote and assessment of your fleet advertising.

Trailer Wraps

Don’t Waste Free Advertising Space

If your trailer is not wrapped, you are wasting valuable advertising assets. The first impression of your business potential customers sees is oftentimes your company’s vehicles, don’t lose this opportunity to get your brand before thousands of people daily.

Be assured that Tier 1 Graphics will design your Commercial Vehicle Wraps so you make the most of your first impression.

Promote You Brand & Style

Other Wraps

Wraps give a unified appearance and advertise your unique brand.

Custom Boat Graphics

Vinyl wraps are not just made for cars. With the advancements in vinyl technology, wrapping boats have become an effective and durable solution to get noticed.

Golf Cart

Wraps can give your golf cart the custom look that you want. With more options and designs than a paint job, you can make it look new with these wraps.

Bus Graphics

Utilizing the entire Wraps surface area of a bus for advertising can have the impact you’re looking for. Transform a bus into a moving billboard with vinyl bus graphics. Please look at some examples of our work and see how using Tier One Graphics makes a difference.