Canvas Prints

What would be a better art addition to your home than displaying those greatest moments for all to see?  From your wedding day to a family vacation or even your cherished pet, nothing shows off your artistic side quite like a Canvas Wrap. Gallery wrapped canvas is a beautiful statement piece for any wall and the perfect gift. Printed on premium canvas and stretched by hand around a sturdy wooden frame Canvas Gallery Wraps are a beautiful addition to your wall art collection. Leave it to our team of professionals for a quality finished, gallery wrapped canvas print.

A Canvas Wrap can add a new level of artistry to photography, digital photo printing, and wall decor. If you’re looking for something beyond a one photo display, however, you can take your canvas photo prints to the next level by creating a unique photo series.

Step 1: Pick a group of 3-5 photos for your canvas wrap

Canvas Wrap Series

It’s easier if the photos have a common theme or a similar color concept. Make sure the main item of each picture has a large enough border to compensate for the extra 1.5″ needed for gallery wrapping the canvas. Line the photos up and see if you like the way they look together. Take into consideration the subject matter size and location, and the negative space on each photo.

Step 2: Edit your photos

If you don’t quite like the way all of your photos look together, you may want to consider having the color adjusted, or the image cropped. Consider having each photo made a different color. If you’re feeling conservative, have the images converted to black and white. We offer professional Image editing, speak to one of our designers to see how they can best adjust your images.

Step 3:  Choose Your Display Method

Canvas Print Layouts

Before you order your canvas wrap, you should decide where and how you’d like to display your canvas prints. If you have four photos, try a square, with two on top and two on the bottom. You can also plan for a straight horizontal or vertical line. Get a little further out of the box and hang them in a seemingly random pattern! Go ahead and get creative. Think about where you’ll hang your series: Above the couch? In your office? On the staircase? The location will help you pick the appropriate canvas sizes for your series when you order.