Why Use Decal Marketing?

Despite their casual and playful nature, decals are not just a favorite of young people. As a matter of fact, they enjoy extraordinary popularity among consumers belonging to most age groups. Decal marketing is an excellent way to expand your market reach quickly.

Decal MarketingDecals resonate with everyone! And who doesn’t like free stuff? Decals are popular as giveaways and handouts at events because everyone likes decals; they are the one throwback product to childhood that people don’t outgrow.

Once a decal is in the hands of a customer, they become the marketing vehicle for your brand. Placed decals on virtually any medium, no other marketing or promotion vehicle are quite as malleable, and, consequently, as useful.

As the custom decals travel through everyday life, it can obtain many impressions for your brand at no extra cost.

Impressions are not just about what clicks – but what sticks!

Decal MarketingIn addition to using decals as a marketing vehicle, they can also be used to enhance existing promotional items. Sometimes it makes sense to buy custom printed packaging or promotional products when the quantity is high enough to justify the cost. However, when you only require 1, 50, or a few hundred of any packaging or promotional item, it is often far more cost effective to apply decals or labels this delivery vehicle. Why pay for what you don’t need?

You can make a decal any shape and size you require.

Here are a few ideas to use decals as an effective vehicle to increase your business’ visibility and reinforce your brand identity.

  • Promotional Products
  • Fundraising
  • Branding
  • Information Purposes

Tips for successful decal marketing:

Why pay for ad spaces when you can get it for free? If you own a local business with a dedicated customer base, give away bumper stickers or car decals at your store and enjoy free, vehicle advertising.

  • Make sure your decals are an item of ‘value.’
    The best way to ensure your decals are of ‘value’ is through creative and compelling graphic design.
  • Don’t skimp on the design.
    Decals may seem unimportant compared to a billboard advertisement.  Don’t let a design error bring your brand down. Decals – whether they are wall stickers, a window cling or a bumper sticker – deserve the same attention to detail and design as any form of print advertising
  • Generate instant credibility with professional labels.
    Labels instantly brand your small business as sophisticated and professional. Seal customer boxes and bags with your store logo labels for a classy touch.
  • Maximize mobile advertising.
    If you aren’t ready to commit to a full-blown vehicle wrap or vinyl lettering, consider a tasteful vehicle decal. Even if it’s small, a decal on your back window or bumper is better than no decal at all!

More Marketing Tips:

  • Make people pay you.
    If your brand is already strong with a loyal customer base, consider selling your decals for a small price. When priced right ($1 to $5), bumper stickers or car window decals can quickly sell out. That’s right; people will be paying you for the privilege of advertising your business.
  • Decals are the new business cards.
    Don’t let your contact information end up in a forgotten Rolodex. Instead, give out small decals with your info when meeting customers, clients, and business associates. You’ll be increasing visibility, building brand identity and even better, your business cards will actually ‘stick around.’
  • Don’t just rely on your customers to distribute your decals.
    Put them in everything you send out: Sales letter packages, products and more.