Reduce Collisions with Reflective Material and Safety Striping

Collisions between heavy trucks and trailers with smaller vehicles frequently incur the most significant damage and injury. Much of the time, these accidents are the result of the heavy vehicle not being seen in time for the approaching motorist to react, particularly in adverse weather conditions or at night. As a result, the reflective material could have prevented many of those accidents.

The cost of such an accident to a business can be substantial, sometimes reaching into the tens of thousands of dollars or more in cases of personal injury.  By clearly marking these vehicles with safety striping using high visibility, reflective material reduces accidents substantially.

Use Saftey Striping for Faster Vehicle Recognition

According to a 2001 report by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; The risk of an accident between a truck and a car is 30 times greater if the truck does not have reflective material markings. Safety striping and reflective graphics can reduce side and rear impacts by 29 to 41 percent. Because a truck using reflective material is more visible than an unmarked truck.

Reflective Materials

By increasing the visibility of vehicles, approaching drivers have a better chance of seeing the vehicle and determining whether it is moving with traffic or stopped.  Therefore taking the necessary precautions to avoid a collision.

Vehicles that Stop Frequently

Vehicles that make frequent stops in traffic are at high risk for rear-end collisions, by clearly marking the rear of these vehicles with high visibility safety striping made with reflective material, reducing the threat of accidents.

Chevron Striping is an excellent way to mark commercial vehicles.  The chevron pattern is similar to the pattern used in work zones.  Because the downward slanting stripes using alternate in color grab the attention of approaching drivers.

Consider the benefits of increased visibility when creating your vehicle wrap. Add reflective material and safety striping to your design. Finally, talk to one of our designers about how to best incorporate reflective material into your next vehicle wrap.