Truck Wrap Advertising is Surprisingly Effective

Advertising for a small business is one of the biggest challenges the owner has to overcome. Because of this it is poorly planned and doesn’t reach the right customers. Often companies depend on less effective advertising like direct-mailers, coupon books, phonebook listings,  print ads, and cold-calling. These kinds of advertising require a substantial investment and offer poor returns. Truck Wrap Advertising offers a simple solution.

Truck Wrap AdvertisingConsider Truck Wrap Advertising

Recently vehicle wraps have made a big splash in the advertising world. With better visibility due to changes in production techniques. As well as very creative application techniques sure to catch the eyes of potential customers.


The key to great advertising is Visibility. Vehicle Wraps achieve 30,000 – 70,000 visual impressions a day. Also, according to a recent survey, 95 percent of people said they remembered the graphics and brands they saw advertised on vehicle wraps.

Truck Wrap AdvertisingTestimonials and customer recommendations are critical to businesses. Truck Wrap Advertising becomes its recommendation. A wrapped van parked outside of a house or place of business. This becomes a recommendation to all the prospective customers in the area. Because the brand identity will be remembered by the community and become the foundation for future business.


Using vehicle wraps have become less expensive, allowing businesses to save money and reinvest those savings into more eye-catching designs.

Truck Wrap AdvertisingPrice-wise vehicle wrap advertising offers a lot more bang for your buck. This value is because vehicle wraps outperform all other traditional forms of advertising with the number of impressions. Here is a chart to help break down the overall cost per thousand impressions:

Truck Wrap Advertising

Tier 1 Graphics

Truck Wrap Advertising will make your Truck into a moving billboard. Whether you have just a single vehicle or a large corporate fleet, Tier 1 Graphics can make it happen for you.