Effective Vehicle Branding: Will It Work For You?

Vehicle Branding

Suppose you consider your company vehicle as merely a workhorse. You may be missing out on a fantastic advertising opportunity. According to marketing experts, vehicle graphics (or vehicle branding) are excellent advertising medium with few downsides.

About Vehicle Branding

This form of advertising has been in use since cars were mass-produced. In most cases, it was a somewhat simplistic form of publicity that consisted of the company name and perhaps a painted slogan on the side of a van. Nonetheless, it seemed very useful since passers-by couldn’t help but notice the vehicle and its message.

Vehicle BrandingIn the modern era, the artwork may be better, but the premise remains the same. Surprisingly, few companies consider vehicle branding to be a little more than an afterthought. If you already have a website and sales team, doesn’t it make sense to go all-out and have a fleet of vehicles providing 24/7 advertising? According to a 2009 study by Nielsen Radio (formerly Arbitron), over 70% of adults notice roadside billboards, suggesting that the images and graphics used in advertising campaigns catch our eyes.

Now imagine having what is effectively a mobile billboard traveling all over the country; your company is likely to become known by thousands of new prospects. Picture what this could do for your brand identity. Read on to find out more advantages of vehicle graphics.

Pros of Vehicle Graphics

  • Improve Brand Awareness
    As I touched on above, having vehicles with your company logo design on it roaming around the nation increases brand awareness. As you’re aware, customers like to stick with what they know. The guy waiting for a bus may not want football boots today, but if/when he decides to buy some, your company will be one of the first that comes to mind.
  • Increased Trust
    Few things are more important in a consumer’s purchasing decision than trust. When you display your company information on a vehicle for the world to see, it is a sign you are a serious and established organization. A well-branded vehicle helps prospects understand that you take your industry very seriously.
  • Cost-Effective: Vehicle graphics are one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing there is. Although it has similarities with billboards, vehicle branding is far less expensive because you don’t need to change it very often. A well-maintained vehicle is all you need.
  • Shows Authority
    Having a branded vehicle also ensures most consumers assume you know more about your industry than they do. As a result, they will have respect for your knowledge and listen to your opinion.

Cons of Vehicle Graphics

There is not a lot of negatives about vehicle signage, but there are a few things to consider.

  • Initial Price
    The only a downside if you have a large fleet of cars or vans. Having all of them wrapped professionally can be expensive and impact your cash flow a bit. You can decide the overall cost; perhaps you could paint only a few vehicles, begin with, and complete the job once you have more money and understand how effective this form of advertising is.
  • You Need Vehicles In Good Shape
    It is tough to place decals on vehicles that are damaged or rusted. Vinyl wraps are frequently used in vehicle graphics but and putting wraps on vehicles with dents or another kind of exterior damage; the result will not be as aesthetically pleasing as you would like.
  • Tracking ROI
    Although most advertisers claim the vehicle, branding ROI is impressive. Accurately measuring if this is the case is complicated. You might be able to look at data such as local road traffic data, but it’s hard to determine how many sales have occurred from a consumer seeing the ad on your vehicles.

Vehicle graphics: are worth it for your company?

You should certainly consider using vehicle branding as part of your business’s marketing strategy. Having a moving billboard can only do good things for your business.  Target indoor prospects using your website, and with vehicle branding, you can target those who are away from their computers. This form of advertising also means no vying for space with competitors, as you remain one step ahead.

Expand your audience with a branded car.