The Becky Baker Foundation #Race4Prevention National Tour

The Becky Baker Foundation

Becky Baker

Becky Baker

Becky Baker received a diagnosis with stage IV metastatic ER+ breast cancer on December 17, 2013. The oncologists at Wake Forest Baptist Cancer Center gave her three months to live. Becky lived 37 months beyond the three months the doctors gave her. Like so many other women, Becky waited to see her doctor until it was too late. Because of this, Becky’s husband, Rick, created The Becky Baker Foundation for one primary purpose: To prevent breast cancer. The Foundation does this by earmarking grants to provide free mammograms to uninsured or underinsured women.

#Race4Prevention National Tour

Becky initially requested this trip, as she wanted Rick to spread her ashes at her favorite places. Rick decided that he would use this trip for another reason as well. “I figured that because the mission of The Becky Baker Foundation is to prevent breast cancer. Why not use the car on this trip to that end as well?”

Rick contacted Brandon Grigg with Tier One Graphics in Mooresville, NC, to design and wrap his Nissan GT-R with a NASCAR look.  Also, he wanted to incorporate the Becky Baker hashtag so others can follow as Rick crisscross the nation.

The Becky Baker Foundation Wrap

The slogan, ‘200 mph To Prevent Breast Cancer’ will be in bold letters along both sides of the car.” Rick has promised to drive the speed limit throughout, as hard as that will be. The slogan, Rick says, will be a conversation piece, allowing him to “change the conversation from the GTR into more pressing matters, like preventing breast cancer.”

Rick will drive this street-legal race car over 8000 miles on a 6-week road trip that will traverse the country three times on the #Race4Prevention tour to bring publicity to Breast Cancer Prevention and change the national conversation from Breast Cancer “Research” to Breast Cancer “Prevention.” You can learn more about #Race4Prevention and The Becky Baker Foundation on their website: https://www.beckybakerfoundation.com/