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LED Lighting Retrofit it pays to upgrade!

LED lighting retrofit offers an array of advantages

It has never been more hip to go retro. No, we’re not talking about playing vinyl records and wearing your grandparents’ clothes. Its’ time for an LED lighting retrofit for your business signage.

A LED retrofit sign offers your business an array of advantages no other signage solution can match, saving you time, money, and hassle, among other benefits.

The sign shown in the pictures above is 7′ x 8′, and the before photo shows it illuminated with eight 800MA high output fluorescent lamps & two ferromagnetic type ballasts.

This lighting method consumes about 800 watts costing $455 a year if the sign ran 12 hours a day, and the energy cost was 13₵ /kW‐h. This sign using an LED Lighting Retrofit now uses 306 watts costing $175 a year for the same runtime & energy cost. The annual energy savings alone is 61%!

Fluorescent lamp lighting has a useful life of 12,000 hours compared to new LED lighting with a useful life of 100,000 hours, the average yearly maintenance savings of not having to service the sign close to $450 and adding the $280 per year in energy savings to the $450 in annual maintenance benefits $731 a year! The LED Lighting Retrofit ROI is significant; the investment will pay off in as little as 35 months. The LED products and the labor directly used to retrofit this sign cost the end-user about $38 per SQFt or $2128.

You will see how it pays to upgrade. If your double face sign is about 7’x8′, in 10 years, you will have $7310.00 more.

Consider these benefits

LED lighting retrofit Offers Longer Life

Quality LEDs can last as long as 50,000 to 100,000 hours, a full 3 to 6 years longer than fluorescent and neon. Not only do they outlast other bulbs, but because they don’t have any gas that can leak out and cause dimness, they also maintain a better level of brightness throughout their lifespans.

Eye-catching Brightness

One of the main things distinguishing LED signs from other signs is their striking brightness. The LED technology is unique because it produces a brilliant yet clear light that is easy to read both close-up and from a distance. Also, it stands out boldly in the night and is even intense enough to see when the sun’s shining. No matter what time of day, and regardless of whether your customers are walking or driving past, they can get a clear impression of your sign’s message or logo.

LED Retrofit Signs Have Better Appearance

If you’ve ever owned a neon or fluorescent sign, you know it can sometimes feel like a constant battle keeping the sign lit and with consistent brightness. Inevitably it seems like one or more lights always need replacing or are dimmer than the rest of the sign. A dim, half-lit sign can pose a problem, send a poor message about your business, and lead customers to believe you’re not conscientious.

LEDs eliminate much of this problem because of their long life, and energy-efficient technology keeps them uniformly illuminated longer than traditional lights.

Environmentally Friendly

Typical an LED sign uses only around 10 watts of power, about 80% less energy than neon systems. This lower power requirement results in less strain on the environment. It helps you adhere to stricter energy standards and makes a significant reduction in your lighting costs. Also, unlike neon and fluorescent lights, LEDs don’t use toxic gasses like mercury or argon and are “cleanly” recycled.

Furthermore, LEDs put off much less heat than other bulbs. If your sign is indoors, you don’t have to worry about driving up the air conditioning bill.

Low Maintenance

Because of the LED’s long lifespans, even brightness, and efficiency, it’s easy to understand why LED retrofit signs have far fewer maintenance demands than other systems. LEDs don’t contain any gasses or glass tubes (which often leak or break), they’re easy to clean (no hot or fragile tubes to deal with), and they never burn out. They work well in outdoor applications and don’t need significant protection from the elements (unlike fluorescent and incandescent bulbs). However, there are “waterproof” LED systems for too wet or humid areas.

Ultimately, their simplicity and ruggedness make them a breeze to install and a headache-free investment.

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