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First Impressions Matter – Sign Repair and Service

Sign Repair Makes the First Impression a Good One

Keeping up with Sign Repair is crucial to make the first impression that a customer sees a good one. A poorly lit, faded, or damaged sign can turn off customers and reflect poorly on the quality of your services. A brightly lit sign increases your visibility from the road and is welcoming to customers. Well-lit signs help direct customers to your store and drive new business.

Protect Your Investment and Your Bottom Line

Sign Repair can dramatically increase the lifespan of your signage. Keeping the sign clean and well-lit helps to improve the life of the face and detects possible issues that may develop into costly repairs later. Retrofitting old neon signs with LED lighting offers several advantages. LED lighting is an environmentally friendly technology that will save you money over time. The lights draw considerably less power than a traditional neon sign. Rather than replacing an entire letter, replace bulbs individually with modular LEDs, and enjoy savings on maintenance. LEDs also deliver a more even distribution of light, therefore improving aesthetics inside and outside a building.

Your Sign is Your Image

At Tier One Graphics, we make sure that your first impression is a great one. Weather, dirt, graffiti, and birds can cause signs to become dirty and unreadable. Regular sign maintenance and cleaning help to increase the service life of your signs and any expensive future replacement costs! We want to ensure that the first point of contact for customers is pleasant, clean, and respectable.

Your Sign Says a Lot About Your Business, Make Sure It’s Good

We strive to provide the best service for sign maintenance and repairs. Not only can we install/repair neon signs. We can also repair and upgrade all your exterior and interior signs, quickly and cost-effectively.

Services Include

  • Sign Installation and Repair
  • Sign Re-Lamping
  • LED Retrofits
  • Maintenance and Cleaning
  • Sign Removal and Disposal
  • And Much More!

Don’t let windstorms, vandalism, or burned-out light bulbs, diminish your business image. Tier One Graphics has a crew of experienced service technicians to provide a range of sign repair and maintenance services for your signs.

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