Storefront window graphics

How often have you thought “I never knew that place existed” about a business that had been around for years but like a wallflower had blended into the background? Do you think others may say the same about your business? Sometimes all it takes to catch the eyes of customers is original Storefront window graphics strategically placed. Not only are window graphics ideal for retailers, but they also help offices stand out from their competition as well.

Kure Society Window GraphicsInstant, inexpensive advertising
With Storefront window graphics, you can tell prospective customers on the street exactly who you are and what you do. With this information, word-of-mouth advertising about your company will grow within your neighborhood and spread.

Build your brand
To grow a business, you have to build a brand. Plain windows don’t say much to a person passing by, except for the hours of operation and forms of payment that you accept. Bright Storefront window graphics, however, turns heads and builds invaluable brand recognition.

Promote specials
You can only do so much advertising in newspapers, through social networking sites and on other forms of media. Give your marketing efforts an extra boost with Storefront window graphics that makes the public curious about what you offer, the latest deals and your services.

Heat YogaEnhance privacy
There are some instances when people are passing by don’t need to see everything that goes on inside your business, like when you’re talking to a new client. Other times, there are simply too many distractions outside. Decorative window graphics quickly solves these problems and gives the privacy that your customers seek.

Offer a better view
Things like a brick wall, back alley or the dumpsters aren’t an ideal view for an office. Instead of covering the sight with clunky blinds, consider installing a window graphic instead. Use the graphic to thank your customers for their business, build your brand or offer helpful information.

Provide direction
When people pull instead of push, get confused about parking or don’t know which door to use, let window graphics give the message. The last thing you want to do is frustrate a customer before she even walks through the door.

River Rock CapitalAttractively shield the sun
Despite the view that you may have out of the window, a blinding sun is a turnoff to customers and reduces worker productivity. Instead, use the sun to your advantage. Use window graphics to shield eyes from the sun’s bright rays while making the colors on your window graphics pop.

Save on city permits
When you want to put up a sign, sandwich board or banner, most cities limit their sizes and require the purchase of a permit. If you don’t follow the rules regarding store- or business-front signage, you could receive a fine. Windows, on the other hand, are fair game. Use window graphics instead of signs and banners to save time and money.

Placement variety
The windows on your business aren’t the only areas where you can use decals. Place a decal on company cars to build brand awareness in your area. Put one on your car to let the community and your neighbors know that your business exists. Place small decals on mirrors of your business’ restrooms to share simple information, like the company’s Web address.

Some of the best ways to maximize your message are the simplest. Window graphics have evolved from paint that you need to scrape off with a putty knife to sleek, attractive decals that are visually appealing.