Partial wraps stretch your marketing budget

All vehicle wraps offer a significant ROI with a low overhead and a high impression count.  Having your vehicles work as mobile billboards mean that your brand makes a lot of impressions, especially when used in a fleet. Partial wraps are more flexible and less expensive than a full wrap stretching your marketing budget; this is a significant saving when wrapping multiple vehicles.

It is less expensive to make changes a partial wrap adding flexibility to advertising campaigns. Vehicles can be equipped with partial wraps to announce limited time promotions, new products or services, special events and more. Partial vehicle wraps are also great for recurring promotions that take place once or twice a year.

Partial vehicle wraps make your message stand out; it can make the message the hero by surrounding it with ample white space. Use partial wraps when announcing launches, promotions, or any other business event.

Tier 1 Graphics is a 3M Certified Manufacturer of Graphics with more than a quarter-century of experience. We specialize in branding companies through Fleet Graphics, Vehicle Wraps, Architectural Wall Graphics, Promotional Window Clings, Floor Graphics, Event Signage, and much more. Our exceptional “Turn Key Service” is backed with a 3M MCS Warranty to give you peace of mind.

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