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The Noda Brewing Company Fleet Wrap

Noda Brewing Company Fleet Wrap

Founded on a homebrewing culture, NoDa Brewing Company. Proudly offering more varietals than most and always stretching their creative muscles and looking for exciting new flavors. The Noda Brewing Company Fleet Wrap reflects their fun core values with vivid colors and whimsical graphics. Designed by Saturday Brand Communications. 

NoDa Brewing Company is a homegrown Charlotte brewhouse located in (and named after) the city’s most bohemian and artistic neighborhood—NoDa, named after North Davidson Street.

Their approach is to handcraft small-batch beers with a dedication to quality and variety. Their size and attitude allow us to brew unique and artistic recipes and our renditions of classic types such as Stouts, Witbiers, and Winter Warmers. They are the only brewery in town with deep roots in the homebrewing scene. After winning numerous homebrew competitions, by popular demand, we took our beer to the general public. From our taproom to our kegs to our cans, we hope you taste and enjoy the commitment, detail, and love we put into every last drop of our NoDa beers.

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