Remove Vehicle Wrap Sooner To Save Money

If your vehicle wrap is 4 to 5 years old

Old Wrap Removal

Old Wrap Removal

It could be time to remove the vehicle wrap before it costs more to replace it.

If you remove vehicle wrap before the end of its lifecycle, you can avoid the vinyl drying out. Old vinyl will become brittle and crack. Removing vinyl in this condition adds work hours to the project. The best time to remove a vinyl wrap is when it is still pliable and quickly removed using a little heat.

There are two quick ways to try and gauge difficulty.

Badly Cracked Vinyl

The first is just a visual inspection – if you see that the vinyl is cracking and the graphic is worn, there is a probability that the removal will be difficult and slow.  The second way is to find an inconspicuous spot and see if you can peel the vinyl back without it breaking off.  If it comes off in “chips,” it is another sign of a labor-intensive wrap removal.

Wrap removal is affected by the age of the vinyl, the amount of time in the sun, how well maintained the vinyl is, the quality of the original wrap materials, and the quality of the installation – In particular, how much primer was used to reinforce the vinyl’s adhesive.

Primer on the edges can make it challenging to remove vehicle wrap.  Primer can cause the vinyl & laminate to separate, and the adhesive residue left behind is difficult to remove and clean.

If your wrap is at the end of its lifespan, contact us.

Cracked PerfWe’ll ensure your vehicle is ready for a new wrap or ready to sell. Our vehicle wrap removal services are also great solutions for people going out of business or wanting to make a change.

Are you ready for a change? Is it time to get rid of that tired old wrap so you can install a new, exciting vehicle wrap? Just talk to us about your needs. We’re ready to bring your vision to life.