6 Reasons to Choose Vehicle Wraps vs. Paint

Perhaps you own some type of residential services company—carpet installation, gutter guards, HVAC, decorative concrete—and you own a fleet of box trucks or cargo vans your employees drive from job to job. And you’ve been considering getting fresh paint jobs on your work vehicles, along with some new lettering with your company name and contact information. That seems like a great idea…but we have a better one: Get vinyl vehicle wraps instead. Here are 6 reasons to choose Vehicle Wraps vs. Paint.

Vehicle Wraps vs. Paint

Reason # 1:

A vinyl vehicle wrap is far less expensive than a high-quality paint job. If you’re thinking about a custom-painted logo on the sides of your vehicle, you could be looking at a $1000 investment. Why not spend just a bit more money for a three-quarters vehicle wrap, instead? Planning to paint your entire car? Better get ready to fork over $5000 or more if you want that paint to last. For *$2500-5000, you could get a full vinyl wrap and turn your car into a rolling billboard. Simply put, when it comes to vehicle wraps vs. paint, vinyl will cover more of your car for less money.

Reason #2:

It takes less time to install a full wrap than it does to paint a vehicle. If you’re doing a full paint job, you’ll be without your vehicle for two weeks. Wrap installations, on the other hand, take two or three days depending on the complexity of the work. That’s less downtime for your vehicles and more revenue for your company.

Reason #3:

Wraps are more durable than paint. The vinyl used for vehicle wraps is laminated to protect it from UV rays, so they don’t fade nearly as quickly as paint. Plus, the vinyl’s thick and won’t chip or scratch the way paint does.

Reason #4:

Vehicle wraps don’t require waxing. A simple wash with soap and water is all you need to make your vinyl wrap look brand new again. Note: It is recommended to hand wash your wrapped vehicles; power washing can lift the vinyl along the edges. You can read more about printed wrap care here and matte wrap care here.

Reason #5:

Wraps are easy to remove and don’t damage the paint underneath. Ready to retire and sell your vehicle? Simply peel off the decals and reveal the like-new paint below. Just think what that’ll do for the resale value of your fleet!

Reason #6:

Vinyl wraps can be swapped out for less money. If you go through a re-brand or simply get tired of looking at the color or design on your company cars, it’s much more affordable to have them re-wrapped than it is to re-paint them.